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 Our Website

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PostSubject: Our Website   Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:50 am

I havent visited our website for a while and to be honest i never really read
the welcome note.

Why do we only want Kawasaki cruisers in our club, and only other cruisers to join us, shouldnt we be open to membership
for all people with bikes, cruisers, sporties or even dirt bikes. I understand we are a VULCAN riders club
but does that mean people with snoozooki's are not welcome or my friend Paul on his Triumph. The wording on
our front page is quite discriminantory imo and needs to be changed. The the poor BMW riders join us, admire
our vulcans and tempt them to get one awsell. The way it is put you would think we are part of the
Hardley club of snottynose poofs (no offence meant rudi)

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PostSubject: Re: Our Website   Fri Sep 25, 2009 12:57 pm

On behalf of Rudy, NOT (no offence taken).

We are a group of Kawasaki Cruiser Motorcycle riders who like to hang out, go riding together and make new friends. You can have any kind of Kawasaki Cruiser and join this club.

Even if your bike is not a Kawasaki, but as long as it is a cruiser, you are more than welcome to come along and go for a ride with us.

SVR members who have friends whose bikes are not cruisers, as a member you can invite them along for rides with the club.

I know where you are coming from Aj, but Harry does encourage friends of members that have other than a cruiser to come along. Same goes for other cruisers. They are also welcome to come along for a ride.

Saying SVR is discriminatory is unfair. It is the Sydney Vulcan Riders Club after all. I like the uniqueness of riding with similar bikes. As you may know I helped start NSW Riders - a forum/group for anything. As the owner of a cruiser, I have felt the odd one out at times, but I can hold my own with them anytime. For that reason, it was great see that Harry had formed this group. I then suggested that he start a forum to communicate etc and that is what you have today.

Open it up to everyone and it will just be another riders club. Nothing unique about that. There are many groups out there, eg

NSW Riders
Sydney Motorcycle Club
Ambassadors CMC
Aus Motorcycles
Bikers Anon
Bikers Australia
BMW Touring Club of NSW
Bombala Motorcycle Association
Club Laverda
Clubman Tourers
Cooma Alpine Touring Club
Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association
Ducati Owners Club
Dykes on Bikes
Girls Ride Out
Harley Owners Group (Hog Liverpool)
Hawkesbury Nepean Motorcycle Club
Illawarra Riders Association
Inverell Motorcycle Restorers
Katana Australia
Kings X Bikers
Kobbers Kruiser Klub Inc
Natureland Motorcycle Club
Nepean Motorcycle Club
Newcastle Combined Motorcycle Club
Qantas Motorcycle Club
Righteous Australia CMC
Russian Motorcycle Owners Association
Sidecar Owners Sydney (SOCS)
Sydney Net Riders Group
Sydney Professional Motorcyclists’ Initiative
Ulysses Club Inc
United Districts Motorcycle Club
United Motorcycle Clubs (UMC)
Women's International M/C Association (WIMA)
XS 650 Cluband

and probably many more.

BTW, check out http://www.kobbers.com/ . A great looking site and good music.

Some seem to be dedicated to a particular bike. Most aren't.

I say keep the uniqueness that we have. Would be nice though if we had more rides and more ideas coming from the members.

It's a great question that you raised and I would like to see more opinions from the floor.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Website   Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:02 am

Interesting points from both. It is a club for Vulcans predominately and I like it for that. You dont see people who own fords for instance joining the Holden club (for lack of a better example). If you want to ride with lots of different bikes and people the please come along and ride with Ed's club NSWR great rides and great people.
Being part of the SVR is something special I feel, its great when we do go riding together on similar bikes, I enjoy the looks we get as we go past.
I too would like to see some more things happening on the site however I think we must also understand that people on here don't seem to be hard core into riding say as with some people on NSWR. I love riding and try and join as many rides as possible. I am lucky that my wife will join occasionally or if not I don't have to ask permission to go. I can understand that many others are not in this position and that's cool too.

The site and club is what it is SVR and that's great. This fact would not stop me inviting others to ride with us and I don't think Harry would have a problem with any bike joining on a ride.
Again if you want to join a site with lots or members, banter, rides and functions I highly recommend NSWR always lots going on there. KOBBERS has a great site but they seem a little more hard edged and want to portray the outlaw biker club with out being outlaws, great site none the less.

Good to see some discussion going though
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PostSubject: Re: Our Website   Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:05 am

Please understand guys, i do not feel we are in any way discriminatory,
just the wording on our front page to me portrays that imho. I like most of you enjoy the
times we ride together as SVR and the friendships we have made i believe will
last a lifetime. I just think the wording needs to be changed to make us more open
to other people. I was away this weekend in Nelsons bay with Jarrads footy team, i showed our website
to a number of the people that ride and all said that they would turn away from our "club" as
it doesnt seem inviting to join and 2 of them are vulcan riders. If this is the impression
we are giving people then how are we supposed to grow? If you drove a Holden would you
join the Holden Car Club if the front page wasnt inviting and seemed to "discriminate" for want
of a better word against your friends that drive fords, toyota's etc.... I think not

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PostSubject: Re: Our Website   Mon Sep 28, 2009 2:28 am

Good point AJ and I for one dont want anyone to feel as if they would not be welcome to join the club.
Actually I have often felt maybe we should include others but this is more of an attempt to increase number then anything else.
All in all it is early days for SVR and I'm sure things will change over time, the club will get bigger people will come and go.
I agree that I would like to think we are building something here that will last a long time and for that to happen it takes a great deal of time, effort and input from all concerned. In particular the early members such as ourselves.
Harry I would like to hear your take on this.... Very Happy
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Age : 49
Location : Wyong

PostSubject: Re: Our Website   Mon Sep 28, 2009 12:33 pm

I dont want to open the "club" to allcomers as such, just re-word the front page to make it inviting
for people to join and enjoy our club wether they ride a vulcan or not. I do understand that we are a
very new group but if people dont bring up such complaints then things dont change and we wont grow
to our full potential and many people will miss out on what we do/will have to offer.

We are an Australian based Kawasaki community, but everyone’s welcome no matter where you’re from or what you ride.
Join the forum and talk bikes or organise rides or track days with similar minded people. Please feel free to join in and post a message. When you've joined make a point of introducing yourself and letting us know where you’re from and what you ride. The more you put in the more you'll get out (we've already got enough lurkers. Anyone can organise rides so take the initiative and post the details.
Even if you don't own a Kawasaki you can still join.

This has been taken from the other site i frequent as you can see it is Kawasaki based and says that straight up front but also
encourages other to join and enjoy using the site/forum. You never know todays Boulevarde rider could be riding a Nomad or
Voyager in the future all thanks to the input from members of our site. Remember that people will not join regardless of what we
put on our front page if they dont have an interest in VULCAN's even if they dont currently ride one

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PostSubject: Re: Our Website   Mon Sep 28, 2009 1:59 pm

haha AJ my friend you have a point.
After reading that it does sound very appealing.
Harry maybe we could make it a little more welcoming cheers
I don't know boys I just like to ride and am happy I found this site. It couldn't be a bad thing if others did too.
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PostSubject: Re: Our Website   Tue Sep 29, 2009 2:40 pm

I don't think I need to say anything at all on this. Because people just need to read the home page carefully.

Even my friend Phil with the BMW is in the forum.

I invited Rudy to be in the forum, but Rudy said; I will come on rides but not on the forum to keep it Vulcan.

So, I am not going to worry about this one.

If people want to come, of course they are welcome.

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PostSubject: Re: Our Website   

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Our Website
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