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 Tyre Pressures

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PostSubject: Tyre Pressures   Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:03 pm

How often do you check the air pressure in your tyres?

Check this out:

Colour coded pressure guage/caps. Look for the colour of the cap... if the cap is green, your tyres are at the required pressure, if otherwise your tyres need air.

I've got 32 in the front and 40 in the rear, so I need to order two different caps. To order different front & rear pressure caps for motorcycles, call (03) 9386 9872.

When the tyre is correctly inflated, the Tyrechecker is all green. If the tyre pressure drops by 10 - 15% (e.g. 30psi x 10% = 3.0psi) the green indicator is replaced by an amber indicator, giving a warning that the tyre pressure is reducing.

If there is a 20 - 25% reduction (e.g. 30psi x 20% = 6psi) in tyre pressure then a red indicator becomes clearly visible, giving a clear warning that the tyre pressure is now dangerously low and needs to be inflated.

Tyre Checkers
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Tyre Pressures
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