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 Posting Pictures and Google Maps on this site

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Posting Pictures and Google Maps on this site Empty
PostSubject: Posting Pictures and Google Maps on this site   Posting Pictures and Google Maps on this site EmptyMon Apr 05, 2010 1:52 am

To post pictures on this site you may have to have an account with a picture hosting service. There are two that I know of. Picasa Web ( Picasa Web Albums ) and Photobicket ( Photobucket )

Picasa Web

Picasa Web is easy to get used too. After uploading your pictures from your PC to an album within Picasa Web, follow these instructions.

Click on the picture so that it fills the screen or at least makes it viewable. On the RHS of the screen, there is text saying 'Link to this Photo' . Click on that and you will see some choices.

1) select 'large' as the size of the pic or as required.
2) click on the 'image only (no link)' box. A tick will appear within the box,
3) Double click on the link details within the 'embedded image' box.
4) Go the the post within this site that you want to embed the picture
5) Have a look at the icons appearing above the post. If you run your mouse over them a name will appear. Select the square one that says 'Image'. Paste the link details that you copied from Picasa into the image box and then press OK. The image will appear as text. When you hit send, the picture will appear in your posted message. If posting several images within the same post, do as above, but insert a few lines between each set of photo information.


Posting Pictures

Here you go... how to get photos into the forum via Photobucket in 10 easy steps.

1. Go to https://www.photobucket.com Click the join now tab.
2. Fill in your details and sign up.
3. When you get to the “my album” page Click on the Browse button. Select the location of the photo you want to upload from your hard drive. Then click upload.
4. Be patient while the image is uploaded. You will then get a message saying "1 of 1 image has been uploaded".
5. Scroll down to the image and click on it. The image will appear in a large format. Along the top of the image will be some links.
6. Click on "Rotate" if you need to change the image's orientation.
7. If your image is already up the right way up then click on "Re size" from the pull-down menu and select "message board 640x480" then "OK" in the pop up window. (If this option isn't in the pull-down menu then your image is already a good size and you can go to the next step!)
8. Then on the right-hand side of the image you will see some text boxes. Go to the bottom text box that says "IMG code - Forums and Bulletin Boards", Click your cursor inside that text box and you will see a little yellow box appear that says "copied". That code is now copied onto your computer's clipboard.
9. Come back here to the forum and in the message you've been typing, click so that your cursor is where you want the image to appear. Then right-click on your mouse and select paste. The code should now appear in your message.
10. When you click on submit that code will become an image within the message.

I'll be honest and say that I do not favour Photobucket, but some people do.

If you have problems with any of these instructions let me know and we'll get it sorted.

Google Maps

If you want to paste a map from Google Maps, plan your map and then copy the link that appears on the right hand side below HTML to embed in website . Within your post and similar to what you did above with the picture icon, select the video icon. Paste the details and then select OK. This is not always perfect but no one has shown me a better way to embed google maps.

IMPORTANT - When pasting Google maps DO NOT preview. It may look OK when previewed but for some reason, after you preview, it does not post correctly. Previewing pictures seems to be ok however.
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Posting Pictures and Google Maps on this site
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