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 Petition re Fees for Personalised Plates

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Petition re Fees for Personalised Plates Empty
PostSubject: Petition re Fees for Personalised Plates   Petition re Fees for Personalised Plates EmptyWed Apr 18, 2012 3:57 am

In case you are not aware, anyone wishing to place personalised number plates on either their car or motorbike, incur a purchase/order fee of up to $160 and then a recurring annual fee of up to $440.00. These are todays prices and can be expected to increase in future years.

The Roads and Maritime Services (previously known as the Roads and Traffic Authority) have said in the past that these ongoing fees contribute towards road safety. There is a train of thought at the moment that these fees are nothing more than a revenue raising exercise and that it would be a better business plan to abolish the ongoing annual fee and have a once only application/production fee. Most people are content or accept that a nominal fee be charged to supply personalised plates but reject a recurring annual fee structure.

I believe that other states do not charge a recurring fee. If adopted in NSW, this approach would encourage a larger number of applications for personalised plates for both cars and motorbikes and may well be revenue positive.

There is a petition opposing the increase in the cost of personalised number plates and the manner that the cost is recouped ie an annual ongoing fee for the life of the plate. I am happy to pay a premium to purchase a special plate, but will not subscribe to a fee structure that charges annually for the privilege. As mentioned earlier, the annual fee may increase in the future. No thanks.

If you agree, then please sign the petition at:


Would you please be kind enough to pass these details on to your friends and contacts. If you don’t, nothing will happen to you, but it would be appreciated if you did sign the petition.

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Petition re Fees for Personalised Plates
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